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Talent  Recruitment  And  Training  

Please  send  your  resume  to :   Service@ runbo.net  Indicating  the  position:

Online  Customer  Service :


1. Focusing  on  online  real-time  communication  to  facilitate order  agreement  

2. Using multiple service methods to directly serve  users and  solve  the  problem  of  users  using  products .   

3. Collecting   user  needs  ,  assisting  each  department  to improve  product functions and to finish market promotion.

4. Handling  customer  complaints  and  Increasing  customer  stickiness .

5. Analyzing   user  data  and  Optimizing  working   solutions .

6. Agreeing  with  working   shift   system .   

Job  Requirements  :

1. Typing  speed  should  be  over   80  words  /  min   (  listening  and  typing  )

2. Loving  the  Internet  and  having some basic knowledge   of   network  application . 

3. College  degree  or  above  ,  computer ,  e-commerce, etc.  Is  Preferred;  

4. Liking  to  communicate  with  people and  bearing  the  pressure  of  communication

5. Customer  Sales  related  working  experience  is  preferred .  

Personal   Quality   Requirements : 

1. Excellent  ability  of  handling   affairs   and   learning  the  new  knowledge   ;

2. Be  Good  at  listening  ,  understanding  and  having  service   consciousness  ;

3. Paying   attention   to  details  ,  having  strong  ability of   personal   learning   and   self-discipline  .  

4. Having  good  team  spirit  ,  adapting to the  working  environment  quickly  ;

5. Loving  service  industry  and  recognizing  the  value  of  service .   

Website  Editor :  

Post  Qualifications  :  

1. Responsible for writing  all  kinds  of  articles  ,  comments, publicity  materials  and  summaries  of  the  website 

2. Responsible  for  the  collection  of  website  materials ,  manuscript  writing  and

Later  text  proofreading , confirmation  and  other  work :

3. Participating in the development, implementation and  supervision  of  website  promotion  strategies  and  plans  .

Job  Requirements: 

1. Major  in  journalism, communication, Chinese, economics and management , and the educational background should  be bachelor  degree  or  above  . 

2. Be  responsible for the collection of  website  materials, manuscript writing  and   later  text  proofreading  ,  confirmation ,  etc  ;

3. Familiar with professional methods, quick thinking , strong insight,  solid writing  skills ,  strong language expression ability   .   

4. Be  able  to  write  promotion  copy  independently,  

with  the  working  experience  in  website  and   magazine  .   

Personnel  training :  

Follow  the strategic  development  direction  of  AKF  company ,  Adhere to the needs of business development,  Analyzing  the post  competency  gap  in  combination  with  diversified  employee  development channels, building a personnel training system to rapidly  support business development, and helping  employees' career development  through   diversified  and   mufti-dimensional   training  .

Formulating   management   measures   for  staff  education and  training  ,  and carrying   out  systematic  ,  standardized  and  scientific  management  of  staff education and training.   Strictly  implement  withdrawing   and  using  of  training  funds  according  to  regulations  .  The  training  funds  and  resources  are effectively  and  fully  utilized  .  The  education  and  training  of  employees  is regarded as an investment behavior of the company,  and the company is cultivated into a learning organization.  

 Expanding  the  channels  of  talent  training  to  meet the needs of continuous learning of professional and technical talents , and providing intellectual support for the development of employees' potential  for  the  realization  of  AKF  brand development  goals  .  

 Systematic  and   comprehensive  ,  laying   stress  on  the  key  points  :

Emphasizing  on the cultivation of  high-level  talents  and  innovative  talents . The  training  camp is adopted  to cultivate and  build  a  reasonable  internal   talent   echelon  .  

Closing  to business ,  Paying  attention  to  actual  effect ,  Personnel  training  close to  company  strategy ,  Emphasizing  the  support  of  training  for  company  business  ,   Combining   theory  with  practice  ,  Focusing  on  application  and actual  effect   .  

Personnel   Training  :   


Career  Planning :  

 Reserved   talents   construction :  Comprehensive  Personnel  Training

Professional  talents  Training : Reserved  talent  pool  of  basic   management

Reserved  talent  pool  of  middle  management

Reserved Talent Pool For Senior Management

Technical career development path :  

Senior  Experts :  

Professional cadres: 

Commissioner Selling

Career  Development  Path:  

High  salesman Intermediate salesman Junior salesman regular worker 

Probation  Employees:

Management  career  development  path : Deputy General  Manager Vice president of the center / Chief  Inspector  Region/ Regional  Manager Supervisor  Reserved  Supervisor 60  months   36 months  24  months  12  months  0-6  months 

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