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         AKF Product Warranty Description 

          1. The Shelf life of AKF Mask is one year . 

          2. Due to the special period of the epidemic,the delivery time  may be delayed comparing with the time

             of signing the con tract, so customers can apply for a full refund. 

          3. Within 7 days after receiving the products , the buyer requests to return the goods for reasons other than

             product quality,the buyer can negotiate with our company to return the goods  under the condition that

             the product does not affect the second sale . However, the buyer needs to bear the cost of   round-trip

             express delivery and logistics ! 


★lf the goods are returned or exchanged due to wrong delivery or quality problems within 7 days after receipt ,
The postage shall bepayed by the buyer !The delivery shall be undertaken by the com-pany.

★No return is allowed after 7 days of receiving the products . Ifthere is any quality problem , you can exchange

the goods with in15 days . The postage shall be payed by the buyer ! The deliveryshall be undertaken by the company .

 Warranty beginning date is the effective invoice date. If a valid invoice cannot be provided,the production date recorded

in the AKF system shall be postponed for 2 months as the war-ranty starting date .

  Valid invoice is an important warranty and three guaranteeservice certificate . To protect your legitimate rights and inter-

ests , please ask the dealer for the regular invoice,i.e.the stan-dard invoice of the State Administration of Taxation . When you

purchase , The invoice shall clearly indicate the brand , model and sales date of the product , and shall be stamped with the

official signet of the distributor.Put the invoice together withthe warranty , it will be convenient for you to repair and consult


Escape clause 

The following situations are not included in the scope of free service

1. It does not conform to the Three Guarantees , does not provide the warranty document or valid

invoice , or it is altered , or does not conform to the product .

2.The bar code or fragile label pasted on the product parts is damaged , missing or inconsistent with the product .

3.Damage caused by accidental factors or improper using , including artificial damage pollution , medical pollution ,

transportation , air humidity , mold pollution , improper storage , foreign matter falling , rat damage,insect damage ,etc .

4.Normal Wastage (e.g.using , natural wearing , wearing and aging ) .

5.The using environment does not conform to the relevant State regulations

6.Sold or damaged by non AKF authorized agencies or personnel.

7.Packaging qualification card is not configured by the original AKF factory(standard configuration

shall be subject to AKF system record ) .

8.Failure or damage caused by force majeure natural disasters (such as earthquake , fire , flood,typhoon,lightning,etc.)


Precautions for product using

1. Please use this product correctly. Do not use this product as a substitute of protective cover under dangerous conditions. This

product is a common protective product , unable to achieve the same effect of professional protective equipment.

2. In the process of using , there may be some damage or consumption. It is recommended to prepare enough products in advance. This product cannot achieve

the protection effect for a long time . It is recommended to replace this disposable mask every four


3. Please do not disassemble the product or use the product repeatedly, such as repeated mixing , etc . Do not put infectious

sundries beside the product to prevent the product from being polluted or damaged.

4. Mask Protection : the wearing of the mask can effectively protect our health , and can protect the human body from the infection

of foreign bacteria, dust, viruses, etc. At some time,clean products should be avoided to be close to the pollution source, and the

damage of the product protective cover should be avoided .

5.For other matters not mentioned,please refer to the attached user manual, product instructions and Appendix,etc .

6. If the product is not used for a long time , please do not continue to use it. You need to keep the product in a dry environment.

7.If you have any other questions , you can contact AKF after-sales personnel, dealers or customer service center as soon as possible

with a valid invoice .


Hot tips: 

1.Except for the terms of service listed above , AKF does not undertake any and all express or implied warranties . If there are other

applicable laws in the country , AKF will comply with the laws .

2.AKF only bears the responsibilities required by applicable laws of the country.

3.AKF shall not be liable for the following losses in any case :

(1)Wastage due to customer's product losing

(2)Wastage caused by pollution , damage and losing of products due to improper storage .

(3)Wastage caused by the third party's claim to the customer.

4.For the goods mentioned in the warranty commitment , the product model shall be subject to the specific model purchased by the

customer and the packing list。

5.The purchasing invoice,warranty and three guarantee certificate are important documents for both parties to fulfill the statutory

"three guarantee "。Please keep them properly without compensation。

6.If there is any difference between the above warranty regulations and the warranty service promised in the Product quality

assurance document , the warranty service promised in the Product quality assurance document shall be valid .

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