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 Medical Service trends

●Duan Yufei一deputy of the National People's Congress and director of the health and Health Province.

He said that Guang dong Province has completely cancel led Medical Consumables commission addition at the end of last year, we will strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of the consumables commission addition in this year,promoting the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism for the price of medical


●Discussion on canceling the medical consumables bonus andector of the health and further enhancing the sense of public access

According to the unified deployment of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the provincial government and the requirements of the action plan for deepening the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in Guangdong Province... ....



●Talking abou the cooperation between Guangdong , Hong Kong.and Macao- -strengthening public health emergency

Guangdong , Hong Kong and Macao jointly together to held the second health cooperation conference of Greater Bay Area in Shenzhen on February 25 this year . The three parties signed the consensus on health cooperation of Greater Bay Area , which facilitated the signing of 62 cooperation projects and provided a high-quality cooperation platform for medical and health cooperation of Guangdong , Hong Kong and Macao .


●The next step is how to strengthen the medical and health cooperation between Guang dong, Hong Kong and Macao.


Duan Yufei introduced that first of all , we will strengthen the top-level design, create a good policy environment,promote close cooperation of high-quality medical resources, and promote efficient and convenient circulation of medical resource elements in the three regions,We also need to form a new pattern of connectivity between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao... ...


●Talking about the patriotic health movement一Hoping to promote the legislation of this work.

At this year's NPC and CPPCC sessions, Duan Yufei proposed legislation to speed up patriotic health work.He said that Guangdong, Jiangsu,Zhejiang and other places have also introduced local laws and regulations on patriotic health, suggesting that patriotic health work should be brought into the track of legalization at the national level......


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