Product Specification


Product   Specification  :

Product  Name  :  kn95  non-medical  protective  mask

Model:   AKF   2002

GB2626-2006 Executive   Standard:  GB   2626-2006;


1. Failure  to   follow  the  instructions  and  restrictions  of  the  manual  will  seriously affect the protection ability of the product, Which may lead to disease, injuring or  death  .

2. It  is  very important to select respiratory protection products correctly. Before using, please  train  the users to use respiratory protection products  correctly  according   to  applicable  safety  and  health  standards.

3. This  product does not provide oxygen. Please use it in an environment with sufficient oxygen and good  ventilation .

4. In case of the following conditions, please exchange the mask in time:

A. Dyspnea   caused   by   excessive  obstruction  due  to  misusing .

       B. The  mask  have  been   damaged

5. In case of dizziness, irritation or other discomfort, Please leave the contaminated area  immediately .

 Restrictions  on  using:

1. In  case of symptoms, Don’t use this product to enter or stay In the contaminated area 

A. The oxygen  content  is  less  than  19.5%   ;

B. If  the  pollutant  has  been  smelled  or  tasted;

C. Harmful  gas  or  steam  environment;

D. Unknown  pollutant or its concentration, or dangerous environment for life or health 

E. For sand  blasting, painting and  asbestos work;

F. Explosive   environment

2. Do not  refit  mask  without  permission 

3. Too  much  hair  like  beard  will  affect the  protective  effect  of   this   product !

4. Before each using , it is necessary  to  check  the mask to ensure that there is no hole or damage on the mask body. The  hole enlargement  caused  by  tearing  of  filter  material  is considered  as  damage.

5. This  product  can  filter  specific  particulate  pollutants, But   can  not  eliminate  the  risk  of  exposure  to the  air.  Misusing  may cause disease and /  or  death.  

6. This product  is  marked  "NR"  and   cannot   be   used  more  than  once.  

7. This product  is  not  suitable  for  users  with  damaged  ears.   

Wearing  method:

1. Handing mask, curved nose  clip.

2. Fix the mask on the  nose  and  mouth, and  pull the  head wear  to  the  back  of  the  ear .

3. Using  both  hands, fasten  the  nose clip  and Pull  the headband to ensure  sealing of  mask.  

4. Sealing   Inspection  

A. Carry  out  the  fitting  test  without   the   exhalation   port, Cover  the  mask  with  both  hands,  and inhale forcefully. 

B. If air  flow  is felt  around  the  nose ,  readjust  /  compress   the  nose  clip. C, If  air flow is felt at the edge of the mask, readjust  the mask / Headband

5. If  breathing is difficult  or  the  mask  is  damaged or   deformed  ,   exchange  it  immediately.  

6. If   the  proper face sealing cannot  be  achieved ,  exchange   the  mask

7. It is an  important step to use the respirator safely to observe these instructions carefully.


Storage  Method :  the  storage  temperature  is from  negative  20 ℃ to  positive 40 ℃, the indoor  air  humidity  is  less  than  80%  ,  moisture-proof ,  rain  proof , ventilation  and  sun  proof .

Manufacturer: Anshun AKF Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: E6 building, science and Technology industrial Park, Xixiu District, Anshun, Guizhou.

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