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Common  Problem  :    

With the continuous  expansion  of  the  company's  scale  ,  AKF has more and more partners. The company  gives  more  cooperation  support  to  its  partners  ,  hoping that AKF 's partners and  AKF 's colleagues can provide better service to the industry users   .

Our AKF relative brand products have achieved the CEand FDA qualified  certification. Enjoying the sales priority  of  the  agent .  

The company conduct all-round   brand   promotion business in major network media .  

Enjoying the bonus system of agent sales points in every month. Enjoying after-sales services such as returning and exchanging goods (about details , please refer to the returning and exchanging  rules  )

 VIP  Customer  Service  Support  :

Headquarters provide Value, structure, process and  recruitment or training criteria of VIP customer service support system to cooperation partners. The  headquarters  is  responsible for cooperating with the agent customer service staff to skillfully operate the products and the operation of the user follow-up  mode .  

All  regions Customer service managers of  the headquarters shall follow up and guide, give feedback and deal with problems at any time  .  

Establishing VIP customer service profit mechanism and process, and Implement  all  of  these   profit  mechanism  and  process.   

Product Training Support Product value training Product Operation Training

Frequently Asking Questions Sales and management  training Value training for agent business team   

Sorting out the business processes of agents and  training  of  their  execution.  

Sales skills training for agents staff. Sales  FAQ  and  actual  combat  simulation  of  easy  communication intelligent   advertising   platform   .

Establishing an efficient team. The ability and training of qualified Sales Manager .  

Team composition and structure of competitive advantage  

Exhibition and Summit Support :

The headquarter  cooperates   with  the  agent  to  draw  upthe  whole  idea  and  planning   process   !

Agents can apply for their support, the headquarters will arrange relevant personnel to the current site to support their work  .   

The main purpose of the exhibition and the summit forum is Improving the establishment of the local brand bench marking of agents and the agents signing on the  spot.

Advertising and Promotion Support    

1.The  head office provides advertising support to the national Market, including exhibitions, media advertisements, forums, etc

2.According to the development  stage of the regional market ,the headquarters will provide advertising support and reward to the agent according to the sales   performance of the agents  .    

3.Headquarters will set up different rewards to all of the agents

4.according to the promotional activities based on activities

5.held by national or regional agents or teams  .

6. Agent joining and Operation process

1. Filling the application form

2. Reviewing and approved by headquarters  

3.  Signing  Agency Agreement and Payment  

4. Setting up agent platform .  

5. Releasing right of AKF brand  products

6.  Providing database and product information

AKF Filtering  Crown   

AKF Ear wearing disposable medical mask Comfortable wearing and Super protective  

Wearing Comfortable Emergency Epidemic Disposable Medical Mask Anti Smog Dust Proof Prevention  of  PM  2.5


Investment  Contacting  Person  :  

Telephone  number: +8618118763093

Connection person: Jerry  Meng 

whatsapp: +8618118763093  


Address: E6 building , science and tech park , Xixiu district ,An Shun , GuZhou Province.


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