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Salary  Incentive  Return  :  

AKF  regards  talents as  the precious  wealth  of  the  enterprise and  AKF  always pays attention to the growth and development of employees in the company. It systematically  puts  forward  a  new  employee  career  development  system  which  is  called " one ladder, two pools " . " One  ladder "  refers  to  the  two  channels for the development of technology line and management  line." Two pools " refer to" expert  resource pool "and "cadre  resource  pool "  .   



Compensation  Concept :

The  company  implements  medium  and  upper  salary  higher  than  the  normal  industry  level  for  general  posts  ,  and  competitive  high  salary  for  key  posts  ,   we  adopt  long-term  return  and  short-term return as well as diversified  combination  of  monetary  return  and  non  monetary  return  in  return form , so  as  to  comprehensively  attract  high-quality  talents  to  devote  themselves   to   the   company's   mission   and  career   .

In  terms  of  distribution,  we will  unswervingly  achieve  the income gap according  to  the  results  of  performance  and  contribution  evaluation to ensure  high returns for  those  with  high  performance. Under  the  condition  of  the  same  performance  ,  the  opportunity Inclines  to  the  employees  with  long  service  life  ,  dedication and  high  cultural  identity . In  terms  of  salary  adjustment  ,  the  company  adopts  timely  incentive , and   emphasizes  the  two-way   communication   in  the  process  ,  so  as  to effectively play the role of  "salary"  in  the traction  and  incentive  of  personal  performance  . 


Performance  Orientation :

AKF   has  organized  multilevel  incentive  resources  to  reward  individuals  and groups  with  outstanding  performance  in  order  to  stimulate  employee  engagement .  The  incentive  mechanism  of  AKF  company  is  performance-oriented and does not engage in equalitarianism . According  to  the  performance,  the  incentive  mechanism  of  AKF  company  is  divided  into  two  parts:  immediate incentive and annual  summary and  evaluation    .


Value  Reward  :     

Insurance  Plan  :  employees  are  entitled  to  statutory  social  insurance, And  the  company   provides   commercial   insurance   to   our  staff  according to the characteristics  of  the  post .  Paid  Vacation :   annual  paid  vacation In  addition  to  the  statutory   holidays   stipulated  by  the  state , employees  will  also  enjoy  annual   paid   vacation and  breastfeed   vacation ,  and  Paternity  Leave .   Some  posts  enjoy  home  leave  at  the  same  time.  

Catering  service :Providing    free   catering  to  our  employees.  

Staff  Dormitory : providing   dormitory   for   employees  in  need and  providing  relevant   living  facilities .

For  employees who live outside the company  will provide   certain    accommodation    subsidies  to  them  .Tourism  plan  :   employees   enjoy   one  opportunity   of  tourism   vacation   in  every   year   .  

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