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December 2019~January 2020

When people across the country are happily to preparing for the new year's commodi-ties , a battle quietly comes to the world , Sweeping across the land of whole china . At one time , many people were infected with the disease , and the whole country was in a state of panic . we began to prevent the epidemic , and all of the people have been locked up .


Early January 2020

The leaders of the enterprise are concerned about the development of the epidemic situation . The company concerned about the motherland and the people . In case of the epidemic outbreak , there are doctors and nurses wearing white gown in every  province and going retrograde ,VoW to win the epidemic war.

Mid month January 202

The epidemic broke out . However,all of these country fighting together with our heart and soul. If there is any difficulty on one side , it will be supported by all sides . Medical experts informed that wearing mask can effectively prevent the epidemic。Leaders of the company also want to join in the fighting against the epidemic and making a great contribution to the war .

The end of January 2020

The boss of the company decided to change the company's business plan in the next year. He used the funds originally used to expand the plant and the plant for emer-gency misappropriation ,cleaning the plant for mask production,and the funds have been used to purchase new machines and production materials . we want to help fight-ing the epidemic . Then the whole company began to prepare for fighting epidemic .



Early February 2020

We have prepared all of these producing plant and producing materials , And the mask making machine has been booked successfully , All of our company staff get ready to produce the mask for fighting the epidemic .

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11th February 2020

Anshun Health And Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. was officially establishedb The company has obtained medical supplies,production license,health license , etC.

AKF  Medical

Mid month of February 2020

The first batch of mask production machines arrived at the factory,and we start to produce the disposable Face Mask used for fighting for epidemic .


23th March 2020

The disposable protective mask and Kn95 mask produced by AKF have been qualified according to GB2626- 2006 testing standard.

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28th March 2020

The disposable mask produced by AKF has obtained CE standard certification . Kn95 mask produced by AKF has obtained CE standard certification .

28th March 2020

Under the wise leadership of the boss , the company has increased production lines and continuously exported protective masks for fighting epidemic . Our masks have  played an important role in whole china .


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The end of March 2020

Our production capacity has been increased from the initial tens of thousands 1 day to the Present 300-500 thousand / day , and the production capacity is still growing。Our AKF masks have been also widely used in schools , production workshops , en-terprises , hospitals,serious epidemic areas and so on .

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April 2020

Our company began to accept export customers , as well as some domestic donations。In a short time, AKF's mask products have been found in many countries and regions around the world , including Europe , Germany , the United Kingdom , Australia,Russia , Hong Kong, etc. It played a significant role during the epidemic outbreak .

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May 2020

At present , China's condition has been very stable,but our production line cannot be stopped , and the epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed . We want to help broth-ers and sisters from all over the world to fight the epidemic together. The future will be better.


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