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An Shun AKF Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ls a new com-pany established in 2020 , and we have made steady prog-ress step by step . we adhere to the attitude of attentive,sincere desire and sincere ", we cooperate with relevant localgovernment departments to maintain stability with a highdegree of professionalism . 


At present, it is enough to compete with other enter-prises in this industry . We also want to actively participate inmajor exhibitions and attract a large number of customersand buyers to exchange, negotiate and purchase from homend hrad


The company started retrograde in the early stage of the2020 epidemic outbreak . Our company rose rapidly undervery difficult circumstances , AKF series masks have beensold in large quantities , Meanwhile , AKF had rapidly achieved the domestic & overseas exporting relative certifi-cation document and have been providing excellent productsfor the public to resist the epidemic and protect health .

AKF focuses on the needs and challenges of customers andkeeps Pace with the times . lt is the same as the organizers ofthe exhibition . Guang Zhou held the Exhibition of relevantmasks - Guangzhou lnternational mask and Equipment indus-try exhibition . AKF will also participate in the exhibition .

AKF takes the realization of customers' needs as its re-sponsibility.AKF Continuously improve professional abilitythrough R & D investment at home,AKF constantly put forwardtargeted solutions through listening to the voice of customerand understanding the Challenges faced by customers in Pro-fessional communication tasks at abroad,At last , AKF becomea solution expert in the professional field.

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